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Dusit is a well known Thai Hospitality brand. With signature brands including: Dusit Thani, Dusit Devarama, DusitD2, Dusit Princess, ASAI and Elite Havens. In support for their thirty properties in thirteen countries, a lesser known part of their business is Dusit Hospitality Education. With over 20,000 students graduating every year, this is actually the largest hospitality training organisation in the world — they say that they are “standing on the shoulders of giants” as they work in tandem with the world’s leading hospitality management and culinary institutions — where hospitality school infused with hotels and restaurants; and where learning becomes relevant and instantly applied.

The Brand DNA® programme brought together the key educators and management team from across all of the international campuses, to consensually develop their brand. For this, we travelled to Thailand to facilitate the brand building process which involved over 50 of their key people. One of the key findings of this session was that hospitality isn’t just about theory and Dusit, being a leader in hotels, resorts and food and beverage meant that they could involve their students in real life situations where they would apply their training to immediately apply it. The brand promise of “Beyond Education” also spoke to the career opportunities that Dusit Hospitality Education could provide — either directly into their businesses or through their network of partners and the hospitality industry as a whole.


“We are “standing on the shoulders of giants” as we work in tandem with the world’s leading hospitality management and culinary institutions.”



The hospitality industry is an important sector for the Thai economy. In fact it represents approximately 20% of our countries gross domestic product (GDP). We have on average more than 30 million arrivals (tourists) to Thailand every year, yet there are Thai people who are still in poverty. We have both an opportunity as well as an obligation to make a difference. The Dusit Group has over 40 years legacy in hospitality education and we see our role as ‘transforming through relevance’ to change the status quo and in doing so, contribute to our brands, our business and our country’s future. 


Prior to our appointment, Dusit Hospitality Education, had not updated their communications and identity for several decades — in fact the look and feel was a very traditional Thai one. In the fast-moving business of hospitality, it seemed strange that the education arm looked so old and tired, yet sort to enrol over 20,000 studies from around the region every year.  Brandcourage did not reinvent the wheel, in fact we used the original Dusit brand mark; to leverage its 50 years of history (it was originally designed by Walter Landor back in the fifties) within a contemporary new lock-up to give it a fresh and more relevant appeal.


Project team
Colin Anderson (Managing Director)
Chew Kok Hsiung (Design Director)

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