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In Singapore during the mid 90’s, the real estate company was first established as Edmund Tie & Company (ETC) and in Malaysia they were known as Nawari Tie Leung (NTL). Just before the beginning of the new millennium they became DTZ across Singapore and Malaysia. Following the decision to no longer be part of the DTZ network, they returned respectively to being known as their former names.

“But times have changed and so has the market. Moving forward we sort to differentiate ourselves and stand out against a strong international competitor set at the same time find the right way to show our combined strength in Singapore, Malaysia and beyond,” says the real estate expert and CEO of Edmund Tie, Ong Choon Fah.

“We needed to re-tell our narrative and to re-build our identity in a way that would re-unite us across the markets in which we operate. This new positioning would build upon our legacy; but would meet the future opportunities of our business, our industry and our target market.”

“When Edmund Tie says they are ‘future forward’ … we they mean that: they anticipate, navigate and accelerate towards a new, bright and exciting future for their clients, tenants and the community.”

The programme involved an integrated Brand DNA® workshop session that considered the needs of both ETC and NTL, to unify the brand positioning, the visual language and all internal and external communications.

So many brands. So many choices. How we chose the right one? One aspect that we have discovered that enables a brand to connect both internally and externally is through its story. A starting point for the brand building process — storytelling — is part of human nature and in humanising brands. It builds a stronger bridge between rational thinking and emotional commitment. In the case of Edmond Tee — their story is one of a regional business merging with an international firm and then de-merging once again to return to being a regional business. Having been through this process myself, it’s a journey of discovering that you cannot be everything to everybody — or else you’ll be nothing to nobody.



Working closely with the management teams of both ETC and NTL, we sort to agree between them on the “purpose” for their brand — what should be the “lens” through which they look at their business from a future context — and how this will impact the entire brand process. They agreed that they were a full-service, real estate consultancy firm; headquartered in Singapore and supported by offices in Malaysia and Thailand; that they were committed to providing the highest quality in real estate consultancy to our clients, adding value that exceeds expectations; that they would achieve this through unique insights that spring from their Asian identity, a global contact base and a multi-disciplined range of expertise; and through their depth of experience, they hold their professional practice to the highest standards and ethical principles.


Project team
Colin Anderson (Managing Director)
Chew Kok Hsiung (Design Director)

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