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Shama Hub is a new sub-label of ’Shama’, one of the hospitality brands under the umbrella of Thailand’s Onyx Hospitality. At the time of writing, the first Shama Hub properties were in the works at two locations in China with many others to follow.

The brand emphasises flexibility at the core of its offering, hence the belief “Freedom your way”. Shama Hub approaches living with a unique twist and playful wit. The brand aims to combine efficient and high-energy public areas with innovative design solutions for space-efficient floor plates and this philosophy brings to life modules that are more flexible and all addressing the needs of the regular travellers or long-stay guests. The brand’s personality is being innovative, cool and accessible.

For this programme Brandcourage focused on the brand strategy, the look and feel and the graphical illustrations – including the colours, supergraphic, photography, etc. – also making sure that the identity fits nicely into the brand architecture of Shama as the master brand. In addition to the visual identity work, BC also established the verbal identity and defined the way Shama Hub sounds like.


“Shama Hub combines hospitality innovation with the changing needs of millennial travellers — that no longer see their room space as a place to sleep; but to work, rest and play.”



We’re Shama Hub 
The tone of voice was created to provide a more accessible, friendly and provocative feeling to the brand … the use of language was deliberately younger and personal in vocabulary …
“You’re not looking for a standard room packed full of useless stuff you don’t need, there are far more interesting things to think, see and do in the city at your doorstep. You’re looking for a cool space to call your own, to make your own, where you can feel at home. Our flexible studio living concept is cool with the sublime touch of ooooh, and useful with a satisfying slice of yeeeaaah! Every Shama Hub room is customised to be your springboard to freedom. So don’t do the same old, boring same old; find freedom your own way at Shama Hub.”



Shama Hub — Deconstructed 
From authentic and iconic to studio living redefined. The sentiment of the Shama Hub brand is inspired by their neighbourhoods, the unique stories and local authenticity — that is simply not seen as the large chains of hotels — it is this charisma and local charm that give each of the Shama Hub properties, its character and roots. Combined with the flexibility of room design — that transforms a bedroom into a dining room; into an office; and into an entertainment area, using local materials and echoes local flavour.


Project team
Colin Anderson (Managing Director)
Florian Luthi (Creative Consultant)
Paul Emmerson (Consultant)
JY Foo (Brand Designer)

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