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Banpu, an established energy leader in Asia, brought in Brandcourage to look at its brand vision and how it was to position itself for the future. They were anticipating big changes in the energy sector including increasing international competitive pressures, worldwide environmental concerns and customer price sensitivities.

Externally ‘Our way in energy’ meant… “We are on our way to build sustainable values for our stakeholders as a trusted partner with emphasis on care for the earth and society. We are the Asian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology and sustainability. Our way means that we care; we are nurturing; we consider others; it’s not just about profits.”

Internally ‘Our way in energy’ meant… “We are together, inclusive, collective, with shared values across our organisation. It has been ‘our way’ from the beginning; from our humble roots; set by our Chairman (Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit). Our way has been based upon the principles of our shared values; the Banpu Heart.”


“We aim to be the Asian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology and sustainability.”



Originally positioned as “The Asian face in energy” the brief was to reposition Banpu and assist them reach their strategic goal of becoming “The Asian energy company at the heart of innovation, technology and sustainability”. The first stage in answering this brief was to create a shared understanding of what that meant to the business and to collect inputs from the diverse management team that were located across different countries and cultures — including: Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Mongolia. 



The starting point was to take a close look at competitor positioning. This included large energy players like BHP, Rio-Tinto and Anglo-American; and many more regional and local players. The crafting of their brand promise would need to be differentiated against the market; as well as be strongly accepted by Banpu’s leadership.  Through detailed questionnaires and in-depth interviews with the leadership team, Brandcourage was able to build a concise picture of how this would bring Banpu’s upstream, midstream and downstream together into an integrated value proposition — Banpu’s Brand DNA® was then developed consensually with the global leaders through a series of working sessions that were facilitated in Thailand by Brandcourage. From these inputs — the brand strategy was agreed and subsequently rolled across all business units, industry sectors and markets. “Our way in energy” was created as the “promise” with messaging build around this — like “our way in innovation” and “our way in technology” and “our way in sustainability”. 


Project team
Colin Anderson (Strategy Director)
JY Foo (Brand Designer)

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