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CapitaLand Malaysia Mall Trust acquired Sungei Wang Plaza (SWP) and as part of a major revamp of the older shopping destination, Brandcourage was appointed to reposition the retail asset with a new name, identity and visual language. The developer desired to create a unique proposition through the development of an ‘Annexe Block’ (amidst the stratified status of the other retail spaces within the mall). This major revamping project involved one-third of the lettable area for entire SWP, transforming it into a new shopping node of diversified retail, F&B, athleisure, and family entertainments.

The new name, Jumpa, which translates (from Malay) to ‘meeting place’ or ‘meet up’ gave the new Annex Block a very different flavour to the catchment area. Positioned as ‘Live out loud’, the communications campaign needed to differentiate the destination in a unique and sustainable way and to draw attention to how it would fill the gap in the immediate vicinity, leveraging on the lack of retail experience that was curated for a young, active and energetic audience.


“Positioned as ‘Live out loud’, the communications campaign needed to differentiate the destination in a unique and sustainable way.”


The old Sungei Wang Plaza was one of the first retail malls in the Bukit Bintang area. Over the decades, it had lost its appeal with KL shoppers, who had migrated to the bigger and more modern malls in the same vicinity. Acquired as a distressed asset by CapitaLand, there was an opportunity to reposition the mall through the repurposing of the space left by the vacating anchor tenant — some 300,000 square foot of space across four floors. The brief was to name, identify and promote this “new” space and in doing so,  start the process of transformation for all the mall.


Working closely with the CapitaLand team, Brandcourage came up with the new name — Jumpa — that translated in Malay to “Meet Up” (even the logo looked deliberately like a smile) which mean the criteria of attracting a younger and more trendy audience back to the mall. This was done in conjunction with a full retrofit of both the space and the exterior, transforming an eyesore into the perfect place for niche retail and F&B to create an entirely new experience — the communications line “Live Out Loud” was aimed to build a youthful and vibrant ambience to the campaign.


Project team
Colin Anderson (Managing Director)
Gabriel Lee (Client Lead)
Chew Kok Hsiung (Design Director)
Steve Chan (Senior Designer)

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