Do you Like you?

Do you Like you? Get real on social media. 

Social media is a vast network that is populated with people from all walks of life. However, when socializing on sites such as Facebook or Tinder (amongst many others *wink*), we find ourselves actually questioning the authenticity of a person based on their given information that are usually too good to be true.

How real are most of us on these social networking sites? Given the fact that we have full control over the information we reveal about ourselves, how many of us are guilty of fabricating an image that we believe would make us look more interesting or attractive as an individual?

Today even businesses seem to have taken to misusing social media as a push media to sell. They end up talking too much about themselves, their brand and what they think, completely neglecting the ‘social’ aspect.

Let’s get real.

1. Be confident to use your real name, using your real name exudes self-respect.

It is okay to use pseudonyms in certain circumstances. However, on social media it is advisable to use a name by which people commonly know you by. This is due to the fact that the main purpose of social media in general is to connect with other people, be it long lost friends or new friends that you are likely to make online. By using pseudonyms or names that have no correspondence to you, it makes it difficult to be recognised and might develop barriers for new connections. Unless you’re a wanted criminal or a double agent, there is no need to go by a nickname.

For businesses, it is important to use a relevant name when on social media. For instance, your Facebook page should definitely be your brand name and nothing else. Some small businesses make the mistake of adding their tagline or what they do and this results in a really long Facebook page name and it makes them appear needy and unprofessional.

2. Be honest about your age (Or at least your age range.)

Hiding your real age could possibly attract unwanted attention. You shouldn’t pretend to be younger or older simply because you want to attract people with similar interests. Isn’t it better to find someone within your age range? Age gap is a real thing.

Businesses should ensure to place an accurate number of years they have been operating. Most new businesses claim to have been around longer than they really are to gain credibility, however, it always backfires when the quality of work does not match up etc.

3. Be proud of your profession

Maybe you don’t want everyone to know exactly where you work or which company you work for, which is perfectly understandable but you should never claim to be in a profession you are not a part of. You might find yourself in an awkward situation if someone brings up a topic in relation to that false profession you claim. Do you really want that? Be vague about your profession instead by at least naming the industry to which you are a part of. You can always elaborate on it if the opportunity presents itself.

Businesses should focus on promoting their products and services rather than try to always keep up with the latest trends. As a business, you shouldn’t aim to be a jack of all trades and a master at none.

4. Post realistic photos of yourself

Post images of yourself with minimal editing. Although there are various beauty apps that provides numerous filters and edits that will help make your photos nicer, you should avoid doing so. You don’t want to look too different from your pictures before a potential face to face meeting. Embrace the way you look.

For businesses, this is a rising issue. Most products and advertising material always portray an unrealistic image of what the consumers are paying for. This is not right.

In essence this article is aimed at highlighting the importance of being the real you on social media (even if you are running your business). There is no need to portray a false image as it will not only backfire on you but it will create an unpleasant social media experience. Being real on social media portrays the image of courage and encapsulates the objective of social media in general. Be real on social media and make real connections.

Businesses must remember that social media is a two-way conversation and not a monologue. Refraining from these 3 things would go a long way :

– Focusing too much on promotions

– Not responding to their audience

– Failure to come up with  strategies to encourage interaction

Do you have anything else to add to the list? Share it with us here.